New York Black Yankees

Originally named the New York Harlem Starts, the team changed its name to the Black Yankees in 1932. The team was sold to a financier and musician prior to the 1933 season. 

Contrary to popular belief, the
NYBY didn't play exclusively out of NYC. It's an honest mistake that's most likely attributed to a series of pictures all all-time great Satchel Paige warming up in a BY uniform inside of Yankee Stadium.


In-fact, the team played in Paterson, New Jersey from 1933 - 1947 (save the previously mentioned 1938 season). They did play a few games here and there around various locations, including Yankee Stadium.

The club made it to the finals of the 1933 Colored Championship, eventually losing to the Philadelphia Stars. The Yankees later joined the Negro National League in 1937, remaining as members until 1948.

The team eventually folded after the 1948 season, which was spent in Rochester, New York. 

Many notable all-time greats played for the club, including
Satchel Paige (but for only one game), Fat Jenkins, Willie Wells and 'Double Duty' Radcliffe.

The NYBY were considered one of the strongest clubs financially in the NNL. Their ties to Yankee Stadium also helped the league gain publicity. Yet the club was one of the hardest hit by baseball integration, as the short distance between Paterson to Brooklyn ultimately became the teams (and the NLL’s) undoing.

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